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Communication Ideas offers some of the most innovative presentations tools, programs, technologies, and presentation skills training courses and videos.

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Five Barriers to Effective Presentations and How to Overcome Them

Presentations are taking a more central role in companies today. An excellent presentation can get you a job, an accelerated career path, a promotion, more visibility in a company, and more company profitability with increased customers. Yet despite the large number of PowerPoint presentations people give at work, not everyone is happy with quality and impact of their own presentations. In a new survey by Wilder and Bajaj, only 22 percent of respondents said they are "very satisfied" that their presentations convey the messages they intend to send.

5 Common Barriers to Effective Presentations

Barrier #1: Excessive Length: When asked what they would change about their presentations if given the chance, 88% said they would provide less information and shorten their presentation.

Barrier #2: Excessive Preparation Time: When asked how much time is spent deciding what to put in presentations, 58 percent of the professionals surveyed said they spend more than three hours for each 30-minute talk. .

Barrier #3: Lack of subject-relevant images and graphs: When asked, "What can your company do to help you improve your presentation quality?" 33 percent of the people surveyed said, "give me more effective PowerPoint slides to use"

Barrier #4 Failure to Rehearse: Making a confident, credible presentation takes more than fancy graphics; it takes practice, practice, practice!

Barrier #5: Failure to Systematically Gauge Audience Feedback: When asked, "What would it take for you to be satisfied with your presentation performance?" the survey respondents in our survey consistently answered "audience feedback." The Solution: Pre-Built Presentation Outlines

Clearly, there is a dire need for tools for building more effective presentations in far less time. By this we do not mean more fancy-looking backgrounds. We mean effective presentations that are logically organized in a manner the audience can process and understand.

Take a look below at Presentations In A Hurry - a good tool for preparing your presentations..

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Presentations In A Hurry: Create an organized, professional presentation in half the time

Are you spending nights and weekends slaving over PowerPoint presentations? Presentations In A Hurry will help you regain your life and get back to your business.

Presentations in a Hurry: 26 Formats That Persuade CD PowerPoint shells covering 26 of the most common presentation scenarios, from problem analysis, communicating bad news, Investor Relations, New Project Proposal and Product Launch to Project Progress Report, fund raising, and many other topics. Simply follow the content recommendations and, once you drop in the text, your presentation will be complete. Every shell also includes a template design, plus custom graphics and appropriate imagery. Save hours of time creating your slide presentations. More importantly, they will look professional and enhance your confidence while talking.

Why do you need Presentations in a Hurry?

Your challenge as a presenter is to organize the data so the audience understands and agrees to take specific action. If you are like most people, you were never trained to organize data - knowing what to leave out, putting it in easily understandable chunks, and showing it graphically. Too many presenters feel frustrated because they know their presentations are poorly organized, visually cluttered, and hard to follow.

Do you want to use PowerPoint like a pro?

With this system, anyone can create presentations that really harness the amazing toolkit within PowerPoint. Even people with little or no experience will be able to create carefully organized, attractive presentations that hold their audiences' attention. And because these presentation shells walk you through the process so quickly, they free up your time to focus on what you do best.

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How Will Presentations In A Hurry Benefit You?

  • Time savings: Free up your time to get back to your business.
  • Increased productivity: Raise your productivity by focusing on the right things.
  • More confidence: Increase your confidence with focused, well-designed, high-quality presentations.
  • Audience appreciation: When your audience can easily follow your train of thought in a presentation, they will stay interested and be able to make decisions based on your talk. Carefully chosen, sophisticated graphical designs illustrate key concepts and keep your audience's attention.
  • Cutting out unnecessary details: Don't present information your audience does not want to see or hear! Learn how to eliminate it.
Presentation Shell Topics

Category Review
Change Proposal
Communicate the Bad News
Company Overview
Company Strategic Analysis
Convince People of a Problem
General Format
Identify the Problem
Investor Relations
New Project Proposal
Potential Problem Analysis
Product Launch

Project Progress Report
Recommend an Alternative
Research Assay
Satisfying Our Customers
Sell to Customer Interests
Share Information
Strategy Recommendation
Teach Skills
Technical Selling
Work Update
Non-Profit Fund Raising
Program Introduction

Each Presentations in a Hurry topic has two PowerPoint files

The presentation file includes 10 to 15 slides that organize your content. Graphical images help you display what you want to say. Besides the professionally designed backgrounds, every file has a plain dark and a plain light background to use with diagrams and charts. Notes on several slides suggest the best way to design a powerful presentation. Every topic gives you a slide to define your audience objective. By filling it out before you create your slides, you will include only the information needed to reach your presentation's objective. You won't spend time inputting information of little interest to your audience.

The "how-to" file tells you when to use this shell and shows you a filled out audience-objective slide. You can read advice on how to create slides and how to deliver an effective presentation on this topic. You also see 10 Delivery Tips that will remind you of best practices for presenters.

Order Presentation In A Hurry for $99.95


Slides That Win: The Ultimate Tool to Create Great PowerPoint Presentations

There is not another product like Slides That Win on the market. Compare and use over 300 before-and-after PowerPoint slide examples. Save hours of time to create professional looking slides that achieve results for your presentations.
Slides That Win was actually created using PowerPoint so you can replicate and use the examples. Why was it created? Too many presenters show slides that detour the audience from understanding the presentation's message. When you apply the ideas in this CD, you will have a clear road map to creating successful, compelling presentation slides. No more detours! That means the audience is more likely to like and go along with the presentation's message. Read more below..

slides that win2.gif

How will Slides That Win benefit me?

Copy and use the designs on the CD. Create professional-looking slides. Save hours creating slides. Give confident presentations. You will also get free backgrounds from Jennifer Rotondo of Creative Minds, free presentation and design articles, and PowerPlugs examples.

How is the CD Organized? There are 6 files: Use the Slide Master Plan a color scheme Organize your content Get rid of sentences Easy on the animations Add-on PowerPlugs examples How does it work?

Open one of the Slides That Win files. It opens in PowerPoint. Read a guideline. See examples of what to do and not to do. Instantly apply the tips and tricks to your presentation. When you like an example, you can copy and paste it into your presentation. Order below..


What Will I Really Learn from Slides That Win?

You'll learn to compare over 300 before-and-after PowerPoint slide examples, understanding what makes an effective slide. Second, you'll get Design Tips, PowerPoint Tips and Delivery Tips.

Claudyne Wilder, author of Point, Click & Wow! and The Presentations Kit: 10 Steps for Selling Your Ideas! and Jennifer Rotondo, Microsoft Certified PowerPoint Expert, have combined their twenty years of presentation experience into this powerful CD.

Order Slides That Win for $79.00


Invite Slides-That-Win Co-Creator Presentation Consultant Claudyne Wilder to Train Your Staff

Acclaimed speaker, coach, published author of several books on presenting, and co-creator of Slides That Work, Claudyne Wilder is a recognized authority on the art of presentations.

Claudyne coaches executives and professionals to help them develop, design, and deliver presentations that get results.

Her unique consulting style has worked for industry leaders including Fidelity Investments, The Gillette Company, Mercury Computer, The Nature Conservancy, and BASF, among others. Many global enterprises invite her to deliver her "Winning Presentations" seminar or lincese it for their own training needs.


The Presentation Game turns any PowerPoint presentation into a presentation game! Keep your audience engaged as you score their participation in the Presentation Game. It is easy to use and retains all of your custom animations and transitions because you start with our PPT Presentation Game and simply insert your PPT presentation to create a presentation game.

Two versions included! One for up to 8 teams and another for up to 36 individuals. Two easy steps and you're ready to make your presentation truly interactive and fun.

Step 1 - Insert your presentation into the PPT Presentation Game.

Step 2 - Copy and paste our action and scoring buttons to the top of your slides.

Optionally we have provided several different formats for question slides to accommodate any game questions you may want to ask during your presentation. These include Multiple Choice and True/False formats, come complete with animation, sounds and even a question timer.

Purchase PowerPoint Presentation Game, Single User/Lifetime for $99.99

10 Users/Lifetime License for $399.99


Use PeP to Evaluate and Boost the Effectiveness of Presentations Throughout Your Organization

Your presentations can make or break your career. Improving the effectiveness of your presentations, and those of your team members, can go a long way toward helping you achieve more dramatic results. And now there is a quantifiable way to assess and improve the effectiveness of your presentations in all formats:

PeP: The Reproducible, Customizable, Presentation Evaluation Profile for your entire team.

Based on over twenty years of experience in the presentations, communications, and training fields, we developed PeP to be an easy to use, self-scoring, and 360 degree others' scoring tool that delivers instant results revealing the degree of effectiveness of your presentations and the presentations of others, and much more.

How PeP Will Dramatically Improve Your Presentations

  • PeP consists of questions covering the 25 most critical aspects of presentations development and delivery. From preparation and planning, to purpose, messages and messenger, to the use of aides and influencing techniques.
  • PeP enables you to evaluate your own presentation
  • PeP uses a 360 format to give you the benefit of discovering how others see and evaluate your presentation.
  • PeP enables you to quickly identify the areas that need improvements and guides you on how to do it.
  • PeP enables you to keep track of your improvements, in numbers, until you master the art of presentations at its best.
  • PeP also reveals your Blind Spot regarding your presentation's delivery, style, and effectiveness.
  • PeP identifies the gap between the way you perceive your presentation and the way others actually respond to your presentations. This revelation is the most useful insight you can get regarding your own presentation effectiveness.
  • PeP is easy and fast to use, takes about 15 minutes to complete for each user.
  • PeP will guide you through the necessary steps toward significantly improving your presentation development and delivery.
  • PeP comes with a Presentation Planning and Outline Creation Template that enables you to quickly create a presentation following the outline and steps provided.
  • PeP is delivered to you in an electronic format (MS Word) so that you can print as many copies of it as you need to evaluate and improve the presentations of all your team members, managers, or trainees.
The presentation skills of your entire team, department, or organizations can be evaluated, measured, tracked and improved for a small one time investment.

Who Can Benefit from PeP?

Managers presenting to their staff / Sales professionals / Trainers / Teachers / Educators / Communicators / Public Speakers / Lawyers / Public Officials / Politicians / Teams making presentations.

PeP is delivered in an electronic format (MS Word). A Complete File of Reproducible PeP (Self) and Three (Others) Profiles, plus a Presentation Planning Template, and a User's Guide for $69.00


10 Presentation Skills Booklets $50.00

Not enough time . . . No budget . . . Too many people to train... No more excuses!
  • Use these Skill-Building Booklets to improve your employee's performance on 30 important competencies.
  • Simple but complete.
  • Each Booklet provides an individual with a thorough overview, techniques, and methods to improve in each competency.
  • The skills learned by the individual can be actualized through use of a unique application scenario that is included with each Booklet.
Train employees for $5 or less per person...
10 Presentation Skills Booklets Code...HRPS10/ $50.00


Presentation Skills Customizable Workshop in Word $179.95

This fully reproducible and customizable workshop is designed for employees in the organization who are responsible for giving presentations to internal or external customers. All the information and exercises can be easily applied to work-related situations. Presentation Skills is designed to be facilitated in up to two-days, or if you prefer, in a series of short-term meetings.

Participants will learn to: Improve the quality of presentations through better use of the voice, eyes, gestures, posture and movement; Engage audiences mentally and physically; Use a presentation framework that ensures audience members know the goals and objectives for their presentation; Generate immediate interest in their presentation; Use their skills and creativity to maintain the interest of audience members; Use visual aids such as the flip chart and overhead projector in a more effective manner; Use a podium in more formal presentations; Give "group" or "team" presentations;

Skills covered include: Understanding the Two Key Roles of Effective Presenters; Developing Your Voice; Using Eye Contact, Gestures, Posture and Movement for Maximum Impact; Preparing Concise, Hard-Hitting and Memorable Presentations; Defining Meaningful Objectives for Presenter and Audiences Alike; Creating Opening Statements that Grab the Audience; Designing the Body to Support your Objectives and Opening Statements; Successfully Closing the Presentation; Giving Podium Presentations; Handling Questions from the Audience; Effectively Using Overhead Projectors and Transparencies; Identifying Blocks to Successful Performance.

Using the power of Microsoft Word 2000, you can modify, change, edit, delete, import, export, copy, paste, add color, logos, clip art, fonts, etc., to this program, just as you would any Word document! Two Files are included: Participant's Workbook and Facilitator's Guide.

Presentation Skills Workshop Template / $179.95

Flip Chart Magic.jpg

Flip Chart Magic: building and using effective flip charts in your presentations

Flip Chart Magic takes you step-by-step through the process of building and using effective flip charts in training sessions. Divided into three sections with color coded pages (Need to Know / Nice to Know / Where to Find), the book comes with its own set of flip chart markers so that you can immediately begin applying the concepts and principles presented. Flip Chart Magic is literally "A Seminar In A Book!" The front half of the book is a more basic course and the back half of the book is a more advanced course on the subject of effective flip chart use.

Flip Chart Magic also contains a "Bonus Section" with seventeen transparency masters for combining the overhead projector with the flip chart to increase its effectiveness even more! Includes a Mr. Sketch® Scented Marker four-pack, with markers in red, green, blue, and yellow.

Order Now $39.95


Want to Reduce Your Stress Before Presenting? Breathe!

"One of the things that frequently goes first during a stressful (or anticipated stressful) presentations is the presenter's breathing," says Dr. Ollie Malone, Ph.D. in his book "101 Leadership Actions for Effective Presentations." (See below.)

Dr. Malone advises the presenter to "practice deep, belly breaths in the space where you will be presenting." "The impact of full breaths on a presenter's overall comfort level is significant. Breathing deeply (five to six breaths should be adequate) helps your body feel more relaxed and focused. Breathing also serves to relieve some of the bodily tension you might be feeling," he suggests.

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Pre-written Speeches For All Occasions!

Need a speech in a hurry? You can get three great speeches for your business or social occasion at one low price. You will find speeches for a business after-dinner / or lunch (by profession); business meetings or conferences, business awards, farewell speeches, thank you/ motivational speeches, and many more.

You will also find wedding speeches, political speeches, religious speeches, and an MC (Master of Ceremonies) guide for weddings, dinners, award ceremonies, etc. Also Personalized Speeches & Poems.

Free Samples

Click here to get great speeches for your business or social occasions starting at $25.00

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Get Free Professional Publications In Your Areas of Interest

No hidden or trial offers, and no purchase necessary. Publications are absolutely free to professionals who qualify.

Magazines include HR Executive, Presentations, Government Executive, Computing, Business, Meetings, and many others in almost every professional interest from Accounting to Writing.

Browse through our extensive list of trade publications by industry, title, or geographic eligibility to find the titles that best match your skills and interests. Simply complete the application form and submit it.

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