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'Negotiation Skills'

Negotiation Skills Training and Tools


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Getting to Yes: The Harvard Negotiation Project and Conflict Management Program with Dr. Roger Fisher - Free Preview

Based on the international best-seller and featuring Dr. Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton of the Harvard Negotiation Project and Conflict Management Inc.. This program demonstrates a pragmatic and systematic approach to implementing interest-based negotiation, a powerful strategy for effectively pursuing your interests while simultaneously building long-term relationships.

More than a dozen negotiations based on actual transactions and disputes settled by Conflict Management, Inc., are used to illustrate how to turn an adversarial or confrontational negotiation process into mutual problem solving. Features top executives, corporate lawyers and professional negotiators, making the scenarios feel incredibly realistic.

Providing a running commentary on mistakes that are being made and how to correct them, Fisher, Ury and Patton coach the parties on effective approaches to take. Also available in a 67 minute "Short-Cut" version.

The Full Version is more than 120 min. Includes Facilitator's Guide, Viewer's Guides, Audiotape and Book.

Rental 5 Day: (Full Version) $375.00

(Short Version) 5 Day Rental $250.00

Purchase: (Full Version) $995.00

Purchase (Short Version) $695.00

For a Free Preview email your request along with your information to: service@humanext.com

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Negotiation Style Profile

A fascinating assessment that will unlock your natural power to persuade others.

Everyone has their own negotiation style. Now you can quickly identify yours and how to better use it to your advantage. The Negotiation Style Profile is a self-assessment tool that has been used successfully by thousands of businesspeople. It helps measure your current negotiating style and suggests how you might adjust it to achieve better results in the future.

The 32-questiion, true/false instrument is self-scoring. Once you complete all the questions, you will plot your scores on the effective negotiation grid. Interpretative information is included that discusses each style- its behaviors, body language, pros and cons and positive ways to use it.

Facilitator's Guide with one Profile $49.95

A Set of 5 Negotiation Style Profiles $44.75


50+ Activities to Teach Negotiation

This book contains a variety of fully reproducible exercises to teach and reinforce the skills necessary to be a successful negotiator. Each Activity includes a detailed description of the exercise, the steps to follow, additional resources and lecture notes for the trainer.

Training Objectives
  • Evaluate participant's current negotiation skills
  • Demonstrate behaviors characteristics of successful negotiators
  • Find creative new ways to approach problems
  • Assess how participants deal with conflict
  • Explore boundary role concept and its implications
Activities Cover
  • Planning negotiation
  • Creative thinking
  • Negotiating styles
  • Assertiveness
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Handling difficult people
  • Sales negotiation
Training Method

Exercises  /  Self-scoring surveys  / Negotiation transcripts  / Case studies

300 pages/ 3-ring binder $149.95  


25 Role Plays To Teach Negotiation - Volume II - Fully Reproducible $99.95

Includes FREE CD with 25 role plays from the popular first volume— You get 50 total role plays!

Updated with 25 new role plays not covered in the first volume, the latest edition of the popular 25 Role Plays to Teach Negotiation will inspire you to think and act like a negotiation expert. If you’re a management training and development specialist who needs one or two role-plays to use in a negotiation program, this book’s a must.

The book provides the opportunity to practice the behaviors used most frequently by successful negotiators—including questioning, clarifying, checking for understanding, summarizing and active listening.

Each of these role plays is based on a unique approach to negotiation embracing three critical concepts:

  • Successful negotiation is not an adversarial process, but a collaborative framework for creative problem-solving
  • The needs and interests of both negotiating parties must be addressed if there is to be a long-term solution
  • Negotiation is an ongoing process, and today’s negotiation will affect the long-term relationship between the parties

Try out new behaviors that will help you:

  • Handle situations among co-workers regarding their roles and responsibilities
  • Talk with your employees about their performance
  • Improve relationships between the purchasing staff and internal clients
  • Deal with difficult customers

Sample role-plays:

  • The new project manager
  • The difficult team member
  • The difficult discussion/meeting
  • Engineering changes
Purchase for $99.95


Flex Style Negotiating - Instructor's Manual, 360 Assessments and Participant Books

Flex Style Negotiating is a 360-degree assessment-based performance improvement program for all professionals who rely on effective negotiation skills. It profiles participants' preferred negotiation styles and defines legitimate versus illegitimate behaviors.

Flex Style Negotiating uses a situational model to explain the negotiation process. Participants are taught to diagnose negotiation situations and adapt their behavior to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome. Not only does the program define the behaviors that make up the participant's style, it suggests alternative behaviors the negotiator can use in order to "flex their style" more readily and in more situations.

The Instructor's Manual explores topics such as personal approaches to conflict, different styles of negotiation, and advanced techniques for competition and collaboration. It contains experiential activities for exploring conflict and creativity, role plays for negotiation leadership and anger, and, overall, represents a solid game plan for developing flexible negotiation skills.

Flex Style Negotiating includes two instruments, a strategic job aid, and a combination reproducible Participant's Workbook, and Instructor's Manual. The instruments are the Behavioral Style Assessment/Self and the Behavioral Style Assessment/Other. The job aid is the Situational Strategy Selector.


Self Assessment Pack of 5, Code FSNS $44.75


Other Assessment Pack of 5, Code FSNO $44.75


Participant’s Book Pack of 5 Code FSNPW $99.95


Situation Style Selector Pack of 5 FSNSS $44.75


Instructor’s Manual /150 pp/ 3-ring Binder/Code FSNIM $49.95



The Negotiation Sourcebook: Reproducible Training Aids for Active Negotiators $49.95


The Negotiation Sourcebook, Second Edition, focuses on the needs of active negotiators—those people asked daily to negotiate with vendors, government officials, and others. The articles cover a cross section of these negotiations and will help to fill in the gaps for those situations that your negotiators may have only limited experience in addressing.

There are also a number of articles that provide a theoretical framework for the process, since more than technique is needed to be an effective negotiator. Because we do not negotiate in a vacuum but within the context of a relationship, each of these articles leans towards the problem-solving or collaborative approach.

Reproducible Training Aids; Planning workbook ; Case studies ; Worksheets.

512 pp/ Paperback/ Code...NS2/ $49.95


The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating - Winner of 3 national awards!

Negotiate better deals and enjoy the process more...

Negotiating is the art of making better deals. Making the right deal can turn a small venture into a big one, or it can turn a quiet product into a blockbuster. Skill, preparation, and confidence are the keys to negotiating well. The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating will keep you a step ahead of your negotiating counterparts.

Learn about:

  • Anchors - Learn how to control the range of negotiations and make it work for you, not against you.
  • Framing -Understand why the words you choose can be just as important as the positions you take.
  • The myth of the fixed-pie - Know when being too tough can cost you money.
  • Escalation of commitment - Know when and why you have to be willing to walk away.
  • First offers - Learn both when not to make the first offer and how to make the right offer when you do.
  • Bidding strategies - Identify the hidden messages behind bids and offers.
  • Post-settlement settlements - Learn how you can adjust good agreements and make them great ones.
  • Uncertainty - Learn why understanding risks can smooth your path to agreement.
  • Flinches, nibbles, and red herrings - Learn why they work and how to counteract them.
  • The Sluggers Come Home...

Stanford Graduate Business School Professor Margaret Neale narrates, analyzes, and instructs, as you get an inside look at the negotiations that decide the fate of Curry Field and the Sluggers. Will Ted and Billy Curry stop their financial losses? Will Al Griggs get the ballpark he needs to field a winning team? Or will real estate developer Barbara Meyers prove too tough? Tune in and see.

The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating comes with one free study guide (45 pages). The study guide reviews materials covered in the video and it is a perfect resource for review and reinforcement before every negotiation.

DVD Format comes with one Study Guide. Extra study guides available / Length: 59 mins. / Purchase for  $189.00


How To Build a Brand: The For Dummies Experience - Video

Program Highlights:

  • The For Dummies experience.
  • Avoid temptations which dilute your message.
  • "Branding" is more than just a current buzzword.

A successful brand builds customer trust and loyalty by being easily identifying and consistent in quality and presentation. The IDG Books' For Dummies series set the course for the company's dynamic, brand-focused growth, John Kilcullen describes the strategies and tactics that have taken his brand from one obscure computer manual to a publishing empire which touches on an incredible array of lifelong learning topics, from business to sports, from art to wine, from gardening to home improvement, and beyond.

John Kilcullen graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Communications from Fordham College in New York. Before joining IDG Books Worldwide, he spent nine years in various sales and marketing management positions at publishing industry leaders Prentice-Hall, the Bantam/Doubleday/Dell Publishing Group and computer book publisher Que. Mr. Kilcullen has been profiled in the Investor's Business Daily, The New York Times, People Magazine, and USA Today and has been seen in CNBC, CNN, and CNNfn.

DVD Length: 49 mins. (2000) - $95.00