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Communication Plan - Strategic Communication Planning'

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If You Fail to Plan, You're Planning to Fail - Our Communication Plan Template Can Help

Our Best Seller Communication Plan Template is the tool to use to create strategic communication plans that enable you to achieve measurable communication results.
To get our Free Sample Package send your request, naming this product, and complete business contact information to :

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Our Communication Plan Template has one purpose: To make sure that you produce communication plans, campaigns, messages, and vehicles with no illusion as to their effectiveness and results.
  • It achieves this by taking you Step-By-Step through a Strategic Communication Planning process now used by leading American and international organizations who bought this uniquly powerful product.
  • Many communication consultants are also using our Template to produce communication plans for their clients.

Create your strategic communication plan yourself with our step-by-step Communication Plan Template for under $200, or hire a consulting company to create a strategic communication plan for your organization for $15000 or more. (And they may even use our best-selling Template to create it for you, since many communication consultants have bought our Template for this purpose!)


The Seven Principles of Strategic Organizational Communication (From the Communication Plan Template)

The Communication Plan Template reflects the following Seven Principles of Strategic Organizational Communications, developed by Francois Basili:

1- Organizational Communication is a management process..

with a specific business purpose and disciplined methods of development, implementation, and measurements. It is accomplished through a strategic communication plan reviewed and approved by senior management.

2- Organizational Communication is a change agent.

The purpose of communication is not just to convey information, but to influence behavior. It influences behavior by persuading people to take action toward the organization's objectives.

3- The primary responsibility for internal communication lies with all managers and supervisors.

The Organizational Communication unit is responsible for designing and delivering the system and tools that enable managers to play their role as communicators. Face to face communication with the immediate manager is the most effective form of communication, and is the way employees prefer to receive information relating to their job.

4- Communication is a social process.

Communication is a social process based on openness, sharing, and participation. Communication must recognize and leverage the human need for knowing and relating. Communication must be open, flowing vertically and horizontally throughout the organization. Communication must encourage and utilize user-created-content.

5- To be understood, communication must be grounded in the interests and language of the receiver.

While it seeks to achieve the organization's strategic objectives, it cannot do so effectively unless it uses a receiver-focused approach in both content and context.

6- To be noticed, communication must be compelling and continuous

As it must compete for the receiver's attention, communication must use highly compelling and creative ways to deliver its message. To be remembered and internalized, communication needs to be continuous and consistent. We cannot afford not to communicate.

7- To be influential, communication must be credible.

Without a high degree of credibility, the integrity and believability of the message will be lost, and the whole communication process will be a waste of resources.

(c) HumaNext. Taken from the Communication Plan Template. See below for more information.

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Why spend countless hours re-inventing the wheel?

  • For most communicators, creating a strategic communication plan is probably the most daunting, overwhelming, chaotic, challenging, and utterly frustrating process they ever attempt in their career. Yet it's one of the most important tasks they will ever be asked to accomplish, and the one that can cause their career to take off in a way unlike any other.
  • And now there is an easy to use tool to help them meet this challenge. Introducing: The Communication Plan Template: The Way to Create Strategic Communication Plans for Today's Organization Communication
  • Executives at leading organizations in the US and abroad have used our Communication Plan Template to produce effective communication plans for their organizations.
  • Organizations as local as a Catholic school district and as international as the United Nations and the European Parliament have ordered our Communication Plan Template to produce results-oriented strategic communication plans for their local or global communities.
  • Many communication consultants as well have purchased our Communication Plan Template to use it to create strategic communication plans for their clients. The Template can be used by organizations to develop their own plans and by communication consultants to create plans for their clients.
  • This is an electronic Non-Refundable product in MS Word file that will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of ordering. To request a sample before ordering send your request (please name: Communication Plan Template) and complete business contacts information to :

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Order Today and Start Producing Effective Organizational Communication Tomorrow

The Template can be used by organizations to develop their own plans and by communication consultants to create plans for their clients (Will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of ordering-provided you have previewed the sample package prior to ordering).

The Template can be ordered alone or with our Review and Recommendations Service, as well as with our Do It Yourself Communication Audit.

Communication Plan Template- Order Now for   $295.00  

Organization-Wide- Multi-Site License Price $395.00

Add Review and Recommondations Service of your draft communication plan by our experts for an additional $300

To request a sample send your request, naming this product, along with complete business contacts information to :  

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Have Our Experts Review Your Draft Work

  • Want the eye of a communication expert to take a look at your draft communication work and provide you with recommendations highlighting areas of strength and parts that need improvement?
  • Just order our Review & Recommendations Service and send us your work either by email or shipped to us.
  • You will get our Report of Review and Recommendations back normally within five business days.
  • The fee of $300 covers one communication project such as a Communication Plan; a Communication Audit; a Publication; a Website; or any other communication project. If you have more than one project, you need to pay a fee for each one separately.
Review and Recommondations Survice
of one communication project by our experts for $300

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Add Communication Coaching by Phone with the Plan's Creator

Let the author of our communication programs and tools guide you one-on-one by phone.

  • Your purchase of any of our strategic communication services or programs qualifies you to add our Strategic Communication Coaching service at $100 off.
  • You will get three coaching sessions by phone or Skype, each is 50 minute long so you can do it in your lunch hour if you like.
  • Your coach is Francois Basili, the author of most of our communication tools including the Communication Plan Template; the Do-It-Yourself Audit Program; the Strategic Communicator Program; and the Engagement Communicator Program.
  • You can select the topic or tool you need the coaching to focus on. The coaching will help you apply the tool or just guide you through any other communication challenge or project you are currently working on.
  • You will also receive by email a number of relevant resources, assessments, and documents as applicable to the topic or tool of your coaching.

Order Strategic Communication Coaching / 3 phone sessions of 50 minutes each plus emailed tools. Regular price $675. With any of our communication products from this website pay $575


Get Our Free Sample Package by e-Mail

Get Our Free Sample Package: E-mail us your request, stating that you want the sample from the Communication Plan Template, along with your name, title, telephone, department, and company, and we will email you back our Communication Plan Template Sample Package:

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Is Your Communication Strategic?

Our Template Will Take You Step-By-Step Through The Process of Strategic Communication Planning
Our Best Selling Communication Plan product gives you a powerful Template to use as your definitive guide for developing your strategic internal/ external / organizational communication plan.
The Template takes you step by step through the key development phases of your strategic communication plan, including:
  • Strategic Purpose
  • Tie-in with Business Plan
  • Communication Research, interviews and focus groups
  • Formulating business and communication objectives
  • Audience Profile
  • Creating Themes and Messages appropriate to your objectives and audience
  • Media Selection
  • Training Managers to Deliver the Message
  • Measurement tools to include in the plan.
  • Implementation.

"This is exactly what I need," wrote to us a director of communication recently about the Template.

The Template can be used by organizations to develop their own plan (single or multi-user license) and by consultants to develop plans for their clients (Consultant License)

For a free Sample Package, send your complete business contact information to: 


The Communication Plan Template's Creator and Consultant: Francois Basili

Our Communication Plan Template was developed by Francois Basili, President of Communication Ideas, who served as Director of Organizational and Marketing Communication, and Director of Training/HRD for a $1.3 billion organization in the US.

He developed several successful communication campaigns and plans for organizations in the US and abroad, including marketing communications, branding, and informational plans and messages that appeared in Time, Newsweek, US News, Sports Illustrated, and other publications.

Currently, his Thank God It's Monday electronic newsletter is achieving more than 10 times the CTR (Click Through Rate) of other marketing newsletters, based on independent monitors.

For Consulting, Training, or Presentations on Strategic Communication Planning Contact:


Basili's Communication Work Produced Outstanding Results in Internal and External Campaigns

Basili's external communication campaigns have appeared in the nation's most respected publications including Time, Newsweek, US News, and others.
His internal communication campaigns have produced results eight times better than what has been reached before his involvement.
The Communication Plan Template developed by him has been used by organizations as local as a Catholic school district administration and as global as the United Nations and the World Bank.

Request the Communication Plan Template Free Sample Package by emailing us your name, department, title, organization, and contact information to: 

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Need More than Just a Communication Plan? Want to Become a Strategic Communicator with Many Competencies?

With HumaNext Strategic Communicator Program (SCP) you get everything you need to become a strategic communication professional or consultant. You will receive the tools and training you need PLUS our review and recommendations of your draft work:
  • Create Strategic Communication Plans
  • Conduct Communication Audits
  • Engaging the Hearts and Minds of Your Audience
  • Review and Recommendations of your work


These leading organizations have benefited from our communication and training tools

Ford Motors Company / Bristol-Myers-Squibb / Pfizer / Raytheon Co / National Instruments / World Bank / Pacific Corp. / The United Nations / Michigan Department of Management & Budget / Manitoba Lotteries, Canada / Foreign language Institute / University of Chicago / Lone Star Health Centers / Rexall Sundown / Stevens Institute of Technology / Bright Horizons / And many other business, government, and many other for-profit and non-profit organizations around the world.


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How to Overcome the Fear of Strategic Communication Planning

Say the words, "Strategic Planning" and most people will run away from you. Both words have the ability to scare people to death. "Strategic" sounds big, important, complex, and fatal (Do I really have the ability to do it?). And "Planning" is no less intimidating. (How can I plan for something when things keep changing so fast? How do I know what the future will look like?). These are natural, all human fears. The fear of planning to some is like the fear of flying to others. In fact, planning is a kind of flying into the unknown. Or so believe some of us.

To alleviate your fears in this area, let me say first that complex planning seldom works. Too detailed a plan is not necessarily a good plan. It might be too rigid to work in real life. So don't try to create a plan that "plans" for every conceivable possibility under the sun. Focus on the most important elements. Apply the 80 / 20 principle. Let your plan focus on the 20% of the factors that produce 80% of the results.

The other thing I advise is to be real. A "plan" is not a pie in the sky. Your goal is not to create a plan but to apply the plan in order to effect change. The goal of every plan is to effect change. Focus on the real change you want to create, not on how fancy your plan should be. This is the way to create the best plans.

Finally, don't try to re-invent the wheel. If you want to create a business plan, there are templates and software on the market to help you. If you want to create a communication plan, our Communication Plan Template is the tool that hundreds of large and small organizations, and communication consultants, are now using to create strategic communication plans that work.


Creating a Communication Plan: How to Get Top Executives to Talk to You

We received the following question from a customer who purchased our Communication Plan Template:

Question: The Communication Plan Template recommends an interview process for defining aspects such as organizational strategic objectives, purpose, mission, external, internal customers and factors etc. I am an advocate of this process, however top management may request that I take the information from the Business Plan instead of going through the interview/ focus group session process. If the information already exists in paper format, can you provide compelling reasons as to why a more time consuming process of interviewing etc. should still take place?

Here is our response: 1- Most top executives love to talk about the vision, mission, goals, and messages of their organization. We (communicators) often assume that executives are too busy to want to talk to us. My experience is the opposite. They love to be involved in shaping the organization's direction, and they know that this is one way to tell their key audiences about that.

2- Even though there might be some answers in the organization's strategic plan, most organizations create a Communication Plan because they have a story to tell or they are going through a change or a particular phase of facing critical issues. The Strategic Plan might be too old, too general, or too vague to address this current need. It's much more useful to have people who are involved in the particular process talk about their current, real-world problems and issues, not take answers to these from a plan written by some other people (consultants?), some other time in the past.

3- Make sure to put the whole thing, (your request, the language you use, the approach you take, your voice on the phone, your body language, etc..) in highly positive, as well as productive terms. The focus should be on how exciting, and how valuable, it is to participate in shaping the critical messages the organization will be sending out to its key audiences, and how the personal interviews will help make this happen. If you approach this with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, most people will find it difficult to say no to you.

4- Remember that in either case, the Communication Plan Template enables you to formulate your communication goals and messages based on the business plan's goals and objectives. There is a particular methodology outlined in the Template to enable you to do this.

To request a sample send your request naming Communication Plan Template and complete business contacts information to :  


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