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Communication Audit - Do It Yourself with Our Template

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Do You Need a Communication Audit? Take this Test

Nothing is more important in building trust and support between your organization and its key stake holders than the quality of your communication efforts. See if you can answer these questions about your organizational communication:

  • Are you listening to employees and addressing their concerns?
  • Are you communicating with middle managers effectively?
  • Do managers understand what they need to communicate to their staff and how to answer their questions about the organization's initiatives?
  • Do employees understand the organization's strategic goals and objectives and the reasons behind them?
  • Are you successfully engaging employees and gaining their support regarding the key challenges of the organization?
  • Do you know which of your communication vehicles, and styles, is more effective in reaching, informing, and inspiring your key audiences?
  • Do you know if you are investing your communication dollars wisely, and whether you can achieve better returns if you make changes, and how?

If you cannot answer any of these questions in the affirmative, you will benefit from a Communication Audit.

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The Eight Benefits of a Communication Audit

Depending on its magnitude, a communication audit may deliver some or all of the following benefits to your organization:

  1. It helps build support for your communication / HR/ or organization change Initiative.
  2. It demonstrates your commitment to improving communication throughout the organization.
  3. It demonstrates your willingness to listen and to respond to employees and other stake-holders'views - a key step in building positive relationship, creating credibility and fostering mutual trust.
  4. An audit will find out what major segments of employees / stake-holders think about the organization's communication and initiatives.
  5. An audit will deliver practical recommendations for improving communication in the organization.
  6. An audit can save money and effort as you will be able to minimize, or eliminate, the programs that do not yield benefits and strengthen, or add, those that do.
  7. An audit can become the basis for creating an effective strategic communication plan for your organization, ensuring that you gain maximum benefits from your communication investment.
  8. An effectively designed and implemented communication audit can be a driver for culture change where you engage everyone in building a new work culture of open communication, credibility, and collaboration.


What is a Communication Audit? What Does It Deliver?

  • It's a snapshot of an organization's communication strategies, activities and programs.
  • It's an assessment of the effectiveness and credibility of current communication vehicles and media, including publications, web site, intranet, blogs, town meetings, face-to-face communication, and other communication media.
  • It uses processes such as observations, analyses and evaluations, focus groups, interviews and surveys of employees and other key audiences whose support is needed to improve communication, understanding and collaboration in the organization.

What Does It Deliver?

A communication audit usually delivers some or all of the following:

  • Review of existing communication policies, publications, and vehicles, indicating strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Summary of comments of focus groups and interviews.
  • Report of the employee survey results.
  • Recommendations for strengthening your communication strategies and programs.

CommAudit Do It 200 M.jpg

Advantages of HumaNext Do-It-Yourself Approach

HumaNext offers a unique approach to communication audit. It is a “Do It Yourself” approach that can yield a number of advantages over traditional and costly audit services conducted by consultants for you.

  1. The HumaNext Do-It-Yourself Communication Audit provides you with the structured process, tools, content (such as interview and focus group criteria and questions) and survey’s questions to enable you to perform your audit.
  2. You take these tools and perform the audit in your organization yourself. You conduct the interviews with top executives and key stake-holders, hold focus groups with employees and compile and summarize the results. You will find the criteria and questions to ask for these processes included in the program.
  3. You are also given the criteria, tools, and methodology to review and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current communication strategy, policies, publications, messages, and media. You will have the tools that consultants use in evaluating publications and other communication vehicles.
  4. The Do It Yourself Communication Audit Program is not a book or an eBook. It is a Template that uses MS Word format for its document so you can both use the content “As Is” without the need to re-type, or modify the content by adding your own language and data. A Template is much more valuable and much easier to use than a book as it provides you with the ready-to-use forms, questions, survey, and formats in which you pour in your data.
  5. The Do It Yourself Communication Audit Program enables you to save thousands of dollars compared to hiring a consulting company that spends several weeks performing the audit for you at your organization.
  6. But the advantage of this approach is not just in saving you a significant amount of money. Conducting the audit yourself provides your communication / marketing, or HR staff, volunteers, or interns working with you an invaluable opportunity to get in touch with the organization’s employees and other stake holders, ask them the critical questions of strategic importance to the organization (that we help you articulate) and hear directly from them in interviews, focus groups, and other venues.

CommAudit Do It 200 M.jpg

Order the Do It Yourself Communication Audit by HumaNext

Order the Do It Yourself Communication Audit by HumaNext. Send a request for a sample along with your business contact information to

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Communication Plan Template

If You Fail to Plan, You're Planning to Fail - Our Communication Plan Template Can Help

Our Best Seller Communication Plan Template is the tool to use to create strategic communication plans that enable you to achieve measurable communication results.

The Template can be used by organizations to develop their own plans and by communication consultants to create plans for their clients (Will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of ordering-provided you have previewed the sample package prior to ordering).

Because this is an electronic Non-Refundable product, request a Sample before ordering. The Template can be ordered alone or with our Review and Recommendations Service, or with our Do It Yourself Communication Audit.

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Have Our Experts Review Your Draft Work

  • Want the eye of a communication expert to take a look at your draft communication work and provide you with recommendations highlighting areas of strength and parts that need improvement?
  • Just order our Review & Recommendations Service and send us your work either by email or shipped to us.
  • You will get our Report of Review and Recommendations back normally within five business days.
  • The fee of $300 covers one communication project such as a Communication Plan; a Communication Audit; a Publication; a Website; or any other communication project. If you have more than one project, you need to pay a fee for each one separately.
Review and Recommondations Survice
of one communication project by our experts for $300

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Add Strategic Communication Coaching by Phone and Email

Let the author of our communication programs and tools guide you one-on-one by phone.

  • Your purchase of any of our strategic communication services or programs qualifies you to add our Strategic Communication Coaching service at $100 off.
  • You will get three coaching sessions by phone or Skype, each is 50 minute long so you can do it in your lunch hour if you like.
  • Your coach is Francois Basili, the author of most of our communication tools including the Communication Plan Template; the Do-It-Yourself Audit Program; the Strategic Communicator Program; and the Engagement Communicator Program.
  • You can select the topic or tool you need the coaching to focus on. The coaching will help you apply the tool or just guide you through any other communication challenge or project you are currently working on.
  • You will also receive by email a number of relevant resources, assessments, and documents as applicable to the topic or tool of your coaching.

Order Strategic Communication Coaching / 3 phone sessions of 50 minutes each plus emailed tools. Regular price $675. With any of our communication products from this website pay $575

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The Six Stages of a Communication Audit

The Do It Yourself Communication Audit covers the key phases of a comprehensive audit under the following six phases:

1. Planning & Launching: In the Planning stage, you will use our guidelines and templates to identify and articulate your organization’s needs, the objectives of the audit, and the components and process needed to conduct an effective audit that meets your needs. All the elements of the audit which may include some or all of the stages described here will be mapped out in advance at this stage so that a clear picture of the process and its results is identified. The Launching stage may involve a special communication campaign you conduct to introduce the audit process to your organization using your current communication vehicles. The campaign will announce the audit in a compelling, credible way, explain its reasoning and objectives, and build employee support and commitment to it. Our program guides you every step of the way, even giving you possible names for your audit process after explaining the reasons we recommend that you do not use the word “audit” for your initiative.

2. Observing & Evaluating: This stage involves the observation of your work culture – based on a list of items we provide you- and what it communicates to its inhabitants. It also involves conducting a review of existing communication policies, publications, reports, vehicles and processes and organizes the results to be included in the Audit Report (Stage 6).

3. Interviews of Executives and Middle Managers: You are provided the set of criteria, procedures and questions you can use in your interviewing of top executives. With the right questions, interviews can generate significant information about the organization, its culture, its goals, and how communications fit in all of these.

4. Focus Groups: The program offers you the set of criteria, procedures and questions you can use in selecting and conducting the focus groups that are representative of your audiences. Focus groups can generate more useful information than surveys alone because facilitators, with the questions provided by the program, can probe the feelings behind the opinions.

5. Survey: The Do It Yourself Communication Audit Program provides you with the format and questions of a comprehensive yet focused and easy to manage, employee (or stake-holders) communication survey. The survey asks participants about every key aspect of organizational communication, including the culture, the communication vehicles, and supervisor-employee relations. You can either reproduce the survey, print and distribute it to your audience, or add the questions to one of the available online survey services at low cost (we provide the names of several of them.)

6. Reporting: In the Reporting stage, you can follow the structured process we provide for analyzing the information and data you summarized from the previous phases of the audit. You will be able to produce a comprehensive report that includes recommendations for actions that can significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of communications in your organizations.

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You Can Get Both our Communication Audit and Communication Plan Template as Part of our Strategic Communicator Program

With HumaNext Strategic Communicator Program (SCP) you get the two programs above PLUS the webinar training you need to learn how to actually do them, PLUS Heart & Mind Communication Program. It's the comprehensive program that offers you everything you need to become a strategic communication professional or consultant. You will receive the tools and training you need to:
  • Create Strategic Communication Plans
  • Conduct Communication Audits
  • Engage the Hearts and Minds of Your Audience
  • Get our Review and Recommendations for your draft work.

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DIY Communication Audit's Author Francois Basili, President of HumaNext / Communication Ideas

Francois Basili has served for twelve years as Director of Organizational and Marketing Communications, and Director of Training/HRD for a $1.3 billion organization in the US. His other corporate leadership positions include heading the commercial operations/ community service function for Bechtel's $20 Billion Jubail Project in the 1980s, the largest project in the world at the time.

Basili developed several successful internal and external communication programs for organizations in the US and abroad, including marketing communications, branding, and informational campaigns that appeared in Time, Newsweek, US News, Sports Illustrated, and other media.

Basili’s tools for strategic corporate communications, and his consulting and training services, have been used by leading American corporations including General Dynamics, Safeway, CA, Dell, EDP, PearsonEd, NY Public Library, Mayo Clinic, the United Nations, and many others.


Communication Audit Information, Tools, and Services. Contact HumaNext at 1-973-427-3004 or email us at

Get free communication ideas, tools and tactics from our HumaNext newsletter