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Boosting Employee Morale'

Want to boost employee morale and motivation? New Training Ideas has a complete line of innovative products and services to boost employee morale, motivation, and retention, and create a positive and productive workplace culture.


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We Are the 'Thank God It's Monday!' People- Experts in changing attitudes and cultures

We are the specialists in turning people from a "Thank God It's Friday" outlook to a "Thank God It's Monday" state of mind. Our employee communication and training expertise, and our tools and programs below, make this transformation possible and exciting for your employees. But first make sure to add your e-mail below to receive our FREE "Thank God It's Monday" newsletter once or twice a month with ideas on creating a motivating workplace.


The 6 Month Program to Boost Employee Morale with continuous communication and education

Research indicates that the number one cause of conflict and low morale at work is the way people communicate with each other, and particularly the way managers communicate with their direct reports. This innovative program provides simple, low cost yet powerful solution to this performance and morale problem.

CommUnicate! is a program of continuous morale-boosting communication and education for all employees. It delivers behavior-changing messages containing powerful ideas and techniques that help people think, feel, and perform better at work. It’s a program to boost morale, change the culture and create shared knowledge and values at work.

CommUnicate! series consists of 30 powerful articles with performance boosting tips and tools people can immediately implement to change the way they work, communicate, and relate to each other and the organization. You can use them either weekly or twice a month for 15 months. You receive the 30 CommUnicate articles in an MS Word file to reproduce and distribute them in your training sessions or meetings, post on your Intranet, or publish in your company publications in a special column you can call 'CommUnicate!'

Each CommUnicate! message covers a key practice, technique or idea at work. The topics covered include: How to communicate to resolve conflict; Three ways to listen effectively; Participating in more productive meetings; Ways to work together as a team; Harnessing your emotional intelligence at work; Setting goals for people to achieve; Igniting creativity at work; Working effectively in a culture of diversity; Building teams that care and accomplish; Creating community at work; Communicating to create commitment; Ways to coach without criticism,..and many more.

You will get 30 inspiring and educational 'CommUnicate' messages - use two a month 15 months - to post on your Intranet, publish as a regular column in your publication, or copy and hand-out in meetings and training sessions - to help people communicate more effectively at work.

The CommUnicate! Program can dramatically improve the quality of communication throughout your organization.

Order Now for $129.00 


Smile! The new video about the bus driver Seattle is talking about - FREE PREVIEW

Reggie Wilson drives a bus in Seattle. It's a thankless job filled with stress, time pressures and difficult customers. So, why does he love it? And, why would busy people actually wait for him to serve them? Because Reggie is a happy employee who makes his customers smile!


What Does Reggie's SMILE Teach Us About Attitude and Self-Motivation?

Sincerity - Motivation - Integrity - Laughter - Enthusiasm...

These principles are the key to how Reggie keeps a positive attitude. He even sings about it! The SMILE! song is now a regular feature on the #27 from downtown Seattle to Coleman Park. The SMILE! video is the real thing. Reggie Wilson is a real bus driver, and passengers really do wait for his bus. In fact, during taping, many people called to appear in the video because they wanted to support Reggie.

One woman told a very personal story about the time she was on her way home from the hospital after a chemo appointment. She was weak and yet she braved the rain, waiting an extra 20 minutes for Reggie's bus. She said that the energy he gave her and the happiness she felt that day made a big difference in her recovery. Just one of many experiences people shared during the making of SMILE!


"The video is great fun! I'm calling it FISH on a bus! I hope to take a ride on Reggie's bus sometime! But seriously, SMILE! is extending the value we got from FISH, thank you. " HR- Training, Gov't. agency

"I enjoy the program a great deal. I use it in my orientation program during that dull time after lunch. It picks everyone up and we have a great time. Reggie is such an engaging character that it's almost impossible not to get involved with the video. By the time I have people moving their chairs and singing, they are ready to meet Reggie. We set up the chairs in rows with an aisle- just like a bus- and we sing along. I think the concepts are clear and clearly presented. Oh, and we all wear the SMILE! buttons, too!" Candy Gusst, Director, Training, Beneficial Savings Bank

I did the training yesterday with a mixed group of frontline employees. The video was a hit. Group discussions revolved around people taking responsibility for their own attitudes. I would say that the main learning point, for this group, was that they have control over how their day goes. This was a novel idea for many of them. I was happy to see some lights go on." Daphne Wright, Director- Training and Education, South Georgia Medical Center

The SMILE! training package includes: 1 - 12 minute video 1 - 25 page Facilitator's Guide complete with large group and small group exercises, participant sheets (reproducible) and background articles about the Inside-Out Model for Customer Service, creating joy at work and the value of laughter at work. 10 - Buttons (just like Reggie's SMILE sign)

FREE PREVIEW: Request to preview this video FREE by emailing us your business/ department contacts to:


Purchase for $595 (Discounts available for government Educational and non-profit organizations. See below.) RENTAL $250 Government get 10% off, paying only $535.00

Non-profit and educational organizations Purchase for $446.25


How to Instill Enthusiasm in People at Work

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm," said Emerson.

But how can you instill enthusiasm in people so that they can create great things? You can't send a memo to everyone demanding that they must have enthusiasm. And it wouldn't do any good to just explain Emerson's idea that nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. People can not be forced to be enthusiastic. So how can you create a workplace where enthusiasm is natural and continuously replenished in people's hearts and souls?

The enthusiasm that drives people to achieve great things can only occur in the hearts of people who 'own' what they do, and feel that it's 'their' project, 'their' challenge, and 'their' dream. If you give people someone else's dream, tell them exactly what they must do, and show them exactly how to do it, there is nothing left for them to create or feel enthusiastic about. They lose interest because they know that when they succeed it's your method that gets the credit, not their ingenuity. They have nothing much to contribute except just 'following instructions.'

The way to instill the kind of lasting enthusiasm that enables people to overcome negativity, meet the challenges of change, and achieve great things is simple: Give people as much freedom to own, shape, and create their work as possible.

The above article is one of thirty CommUnicate pieces you can get to use in your company publication, intranet, or as meetings/ training handouts when you order CommUnicate for $129.00.00


Recognition Practices Inventory for Leaders

Developed by Bob Nelson, Ph.D, the leading consultant on employee motivation and author of the best selling book 1001 Ways to Reward Employees!

Three new tools to survey employees, develop managers, and help implement more effective motivational practices! This inventory measures the perceived importance and frequency managers place on a variety of actual and potential employee recognition behaviors, practices, and activities in the workplace.

With the results of this assessment you can create a baseline of values and perceptions that can serve as a key starting point for improving and implementing this important motivational tool—rewards and recognition. Individual managers receive feedback reports with comparison data, and suggestions for improving motivation through more effective recognition practices.

A Pack of 5 Recognition Practices Inventories for Leaders/ Code...5RPIM/ $49.75


Recognition Practices Inventory for Employees

Your employees determine the motivation reality in your organization. Move from subjective feelings to objective analysis of actual behavioral practices with this complement to the Recognition Practices Inventory for Leaders (see description above).

The results of this inventory provide the reality as to what employees prefer and perceive regarding recognition behaviors of their managers. It allows you to identify and prioritize gaps between what employees want from their leaders and what they get.

Pack of 5 Recognition Practices Inventories/ Code 5RPIE/ $49.75


The Manager's Recognition Assessment: Increasing Motivation through Recognition

Does your organization offer recognition programs, tools, or training? Do your managers actually use employee recognition as a motivational tool?

This assessment gets inside the head of managers to examine their past experience and shows them how they can more effectively manage and motivate their workgroup through employee recognition. Use this tool to positively impact employee retention, morale, and productivity.

A Pack of 5 Manager's Recognition Assessments/ Code...5MRAS/ $49.75


Are You Among the 55% of U.S. Employees Who Are Unhappy at Work?

Managers know that more than half of their staff are unhappy at work, but they wouldn’t do anything about it.

That’s what a new study by the consulting firm Towers Perrin has uncovered. (Potentials magazine, April 2003) Why wouldn’t the managers address the issue? Because they don’t know why employees are unhappy. In the same study, 45% of employees said they would leave for another job when the economy improves.

Other studies have shown that an unhappy employee will most likely create an unhappy experience for the customer. According to an Employee Benefits Conference statistics reported in the US News & World Report, 68% of customers stop coming to a place of business because of a negative attitude or indifference towards them by employees. So managers who are not addressing employee unhappiness are indirectly causing their business to lose customers.

But what makes employees unhappy? And what can managers do about it? The biggest cause of employee unhappiness? A lack of recognition for employees’ ideas, performance, and contributions. “What managers get wrong is that employees need to feel connected and competent in their work,” says David Rhodes, a Towers Perrin principal. “Managers who focus on doing things that give employees a sense that they’re important and that their ideas are being listened to, seem to have the most powerful work environment,” he adds.

But even when managers recognize the importance of recognition and praise, many do not know how to do deliver it effectively. Read below for help.


How to Effectively Recognize and Praise Employees

Praise to the human being is what sunshine and rain are to the flower.

The value of recognition and praise has been acknowledged by many. Mark Twain said, "I can live for two months on a good compliment." John Masefield said, "Once in a century a man may be ruined or made insufferable by praise. But surely once a minute something generous dies for want of it."

But even when managers recognize the importance of recognition and praise, many do not know how to do deliver it effectively. Praise can have its pitfalls.

In communicating praise effectively, four conditions should be met.

1. When praising someone, you should be sincere. Insincere praise is worse than no praise at all. Insincere praise insults the receiver, cheapens the speaker's comments and causes the loss of credibility.

2. Give praise in a timely fashion. "Better late than never" does not apply here. As soon as you recognize something praiseworthy, communicate your praise.

3. Praise should be based on specifics. That gives your words more substance, and enforces the outcomes you want to nurture. "Your report was effective and to the point" is much better than "You're a great person."

4. Communicate your praise in public. Recognizing a person in the presence of his/her peers gives the praise more impact, and encourages others to do better.

The above article is one of twenty four CommUnicate articles you can get to use in your company publication, intranet, or as meetings/ training handouts when you order CommUnicate for $98.00
You can get 30 inspiring and educational 'CommUnicate' messages like this - use two a month for 15 months - to post on your Intranet, publish as a regular column in your publication, or copy and hand-out in meetings and training sessions - to help people communicate more effectively at work for just $98.

The CommUnicate! Program can improve the quality of communication throughout your organization. $129.00


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