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Employee Communication, Employee Engagement, Strategic Communication Plans, Audit, Publications, and More: Communication Ideas by HumaNext

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Events on Employee Engagement and Other Topics

Attend HumaNext Event to learn how to start Employee Engagement Initiative at your organization or for your clients. Click the image.

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Employee Engagement Programs

Off the shelf, ready-to-use program that enables you to learn, create, and implement employee engagement initiatives with certification offering.

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'Audit - Communication Audit

A communication audit is a snapshot of the organization's communication activities and programs. It provides an assessment of the effectiveness and credibility of current communication vehicles and media. Click the graphic to check if you need one.

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'Strategic Communication Program'

At Last: One Simplified Process to Master Strategic Communication Online from Your Home or Office.

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Boosting Employee Morale'

Our communication programs and training tools will inspire people to change from a "Thank God It's Friday" outlook to a "Thank God It's Monday" state of mind. Take a look at our Boost Morale offerings.


Career Resources

You should not limit your vision of your responsibilities to whatever is written in your job description. Learn how to expand your job.

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Creating a Communication Plan'

Our Communication Plan Template takes you step by step through the key development phases of your strategic communication plan. A free sample is available.


Corporate Communication'

We provide strategic communication planning and auditing tools and programs, articles and cartoons for your company publications, employee engagement programs and events, manager as communicator workshops, culture change communication, presentations, and more.

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CommUnicate is a high impact, low cost program that gives you articles and cartoons you can publish to create a positive communication culture, boost morale and teamwork, and continuously engage employees.

Get free communication ideas, tools and tactics from our HumaNext newsletter

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'Cross Cultural Communication'

We offer cross cultural skills training programs, cross cultural communication tools, American culture, and more.

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Heart & Mind Communication

Tools and Templates for Creating Communication Campaigns, Initiatives, and Events that Engage and Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Audience


'Manager-Employee Communication'

We offer both onsite and online Manager-Employee Communication courses. They give your mangers and supervisors the skills they need to effectively act as the primary communicators of the organization's mission, strategy and goals.



Want to produce great company or business publications and newsletters? Need a source of compelling articles, uplifting stories, ideas, and business cartoons for your publications or the Intranet? CommUnicate! (TGIM) Program is the answer. More tools for publications are available.


About Communication Ideas'

The mission of HumaNext's Communication Ideas is to provide you with the best and the latest communication tools and technologies to create a more positive and productive workplace.